Warming up Winter with a quilt or coverlet

When winter is approaching and many people begin to drag out the heavy quilts and coverlets to keep their toes warm through the colder months. However, with such a hot climate, many people don’t buy new winter bedding for many years, resulting in old, dirty and less effective linen. It is very important you buy new winter linen every few years to avoid loss of heat and bacteria build up.

If you are one of the many getting ready for winter and are in need of a good quilt or coverlet, Sheets on the Line can help. They have lots of winter warmers that will last the distance, so you don’t have to buy new bed linen for many years to come.

Sheets on the Line have two weights of feather down quilts in all bed sizes to help you snuggle up and sleep soundly on a chilly night. For a more luxurious sleep, the 80% white duck down quilt offers absolute indulgence encased in 300 thread count cotton. If you prefer a lighter weight quilt, their feather down quilt with 50 per cent white duck down is the answer. Although it may have a smaller feather to down ratio, it still offers great warmth and is more suitable to areas with a warmer winter. All our Feather Down quilts come with the “Quick Clip” feature that when coupled with our quilt covers, solves the age old struggle of quilt versus quilt cover obsolete.

No more arguments….making the bed has never been easier!



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