Creating beautiful, comfortable, enduring sofas and lounge furniture for every type of lifestyle and living space.

Manufacturing excellence is the fine art of perfecting your people, product and processes. Molmic sofas are created to give you the support and comfort you can trust day in and day out. Molmic’s no sag steel sprung suspension is designed to conform to the shape of the body. They absorb the pressure to provide a uniform comfort across the entire sofa for a luxurious seating experience with lasting support and exceptional durability.


It is important to note that Molmic manufacture all the frames in-house as this provides for greater quality control and factory efficiencies. We also use a process, which in cabinetry terms is referred to as mortice and tenon, this is a traditional manufacturing technique used for strength in joints. We also place Hardwood blocks in corners for added strength. With our attention to details and precision our frames will provide you with a quality product that is made to last.


Comfort and durability is the key to a quality sofa. All our foams have been treated to eliminate odors and dust mites for people suffering from allergies or Asthma. (It also offers lasting protection against mould, mildew, & bacteria for healthier living and is supported by the Asthma Foundation). Molmic’s development team have individually mastered the art of developing the perfect seat for every sofa created. The feel of a sofa comes down to personal choice and that is why Molmic offer a selection of firmness through different types of cushioning.