Product Name Stock Weight(g) Width(cm) Height (cm) Depth(cm) Seat Height(cm)
Small N/A N/A S: 80 S: 99 S: 71 S: 43
Medium N/A N/A M: 84 M: 103 M: 72 M: 44
Large N/A N/A L: 93 L: 104 L: 78 L: 45
Office N/A N/A 76 111/118 72 47/54

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Luxurious with a modern look for those with a classic sense of style. The Stressless Wing was launched in 1994, and is one of our most popular designs ever. Behind the timeless surface lie state-of-the-art mechanics and patents, providing what you’ve come to know as the one true Stressless sitting experience. Measurements based on a Signature base.

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Dimensions N/A

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