Beds R Us

Quality mattresses for better sleep

It’s no secret that solid sleep is vital for great health and happiness.

When you’re missing out on a great night’s sleep, life is harder than it should be.

Your mind feels foggy, your body aches, your health slips, and your mood turns sour (and that’s not fun for anyone).

And while there are lots of choices we can make each day to improve our sleep, studies show that a major  (often overlooked)  factor is  your bed.

The right bed and, more specifically, the right mattress contributes directly to the quality of your sleep.

Sleep better with Beds R Us

As the largest independent bedding group in Australasia, Beds R Us is an iconic name when it comes to quality mattresses and bases.

Oaten’s in Casino has been offering Beds R Us products since 1993 and have sold their core Sleepyhead and Sleepmaker mattresses since 1979.

During those 40 years our team has come to know and trust the quality and value of the products offered under the Beds R Us brand.

Beds R Us products are made using premium Australian components and undergo rigorous quality assurance processes — this means their mattresses are made to deliver better sleep for longer.

Browse the Beds R Us range

You can browse an extensive range of Beds R Us products when you visit Oaten’s modern showroom in Casino.

We stock a large selection of mattresses from both the Sleepyhead and Sleepmaker lines.
The experienced team can guide you through the collection and explain the different features such as comfort, support and technology.
You are encouraged to take your time to experience the products for yourself — after all, your new bed will be with you for at least a decade.
The friendly team at Oaten’s can answer your questions and help you to choose a sleep set that’s right for your specific needs, living space and budget.

Get some inspiration by viewing the Beds R Us range online and then visit Oaten’s air-conditioned showroom to choose a quality, comfortable mattress at a price that you won’t lose sleep over.